Oslo Penguin Cup 2018

Fekteklubben Frie Duellister presents: The Oslo Penguin Cup 2018!

We welcome all HEMA fencers to Norway to test their skills in various weapons in friendly company.

The Penguin Cup will feature competitions in the most popular HEMA weapons and dedicated beginners and womens longsword tournaments.

List of tournaments:

Beginners longsword
Womens longsword
Open longsword
Sword with buckler

Swords will be provided for the longsword tournaments and the sword with buckler tournament. The rapier and sabre tournaments will be "bring your own sword".

The event will be held at Bygdøhus in Bygdøy, Oslo. It is located a short bus ride from the city centre and within walking distance from several museums. We will provide accommodation both friday and saturday at the venue and we will arrange for dinner in town saturday evening.

The doors will open Friday 21:00 and the first tournament will start 09:00 Saturday morning. One of the weapons will run Sunday but we will be done before 12:00.

More information about the format of the event, rules, registration etc. will follow in not too long.

Hope to see you all in Oslo this summer :)

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